• Wide application of E/L track and accessories

    –How to strap down your bike on a trip? –How to moving cross the country with countless luggage? The problems when transport cargo in long journey is keeping securing and staying safe. When you arrive at your destination and unloading, packages that may have moved during transportatio...
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  • Manufacturing Guidelines for Forged Parts

    The nature of the forging process in which solid metal is squeezed and moved within a die set to form a part leads to the following broad DFM guidelines: 1. Because all the pre-forming operations required to forge a part result in long cycle times, and because the robustness required of the dies,...
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  • Work for transportation safety

    Jiangxi Runyou Machinery Co., Ltd is committed to producing expertly designed cargo controlling equipment. Runyou specialized in trucking and towing technology resulted in a team staffed with experts. Our technicians and workers mostly have been worked more than 10 years in this field — experienc...
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