Wide application of E/L track and accessories

–How to strap down your bike on a trip?

–How to moving cross the country with countless luggage?

The problems when transport cargo in long journey is keeping securing and staying safe. When you arrive at your destination and unloading, packages that may have moved during transportation, and may shift or tumble causing damage to your customer’s cargo.

E/L-track accessories are designed for using with the E-Track rail and logistic rail system, which is the most widely used in professional trucking for the interiors of trailer, van, flatbed, boat and airline. All accessories are universal to E-track and L-track, and interchangeable between different vehicles. The E/L-Track system, associated with the different straps, can be the most practical and durable way to secure goods in transportation. Adds an extra protection to heavy-duty goods by firmly holding the cargo during transport, preventing any unwanted movement that could result in significant damage.With track straps and other tie down hardware, you can tie down any types of cargo during your transport, even organize your tools and other storage neatly in garage.

Track rails usually come in two styles: E track rails and L track rails, and E track rail also comes in two styles: horizontal and vertical E track rails. Horizontal E track is used to secure cargo by mounting the horizontal rails horizontally. Vertical E track is used by securing cargo with Vertical E Track Rails vertically. E track can utilize E track Fittings, that allow to use of cam buckle straps, ratchet straps, or rope tie off. L track can utilize the track accessories, such as single stud fitting, double stud fitting, quattro stud fitting, and threaded double stud fitting, that allow to associated with other hooks, straps or parts. The double lug threaded stud fitting gives us a perfect heavy-duty bolt down anchor point for L track, which ideal for all L track styles, such as standard aluminum L track, airline seat track or other recessed L track.

These E/L track system are a great solution for numerous anchor points to be used to keep cargo secured during the transport.

Post time: Sep-06-2022