2″ Recessed D Ring Pan Fitting

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2” Recessed D Ring Pan Fitting


Zinc Plating


White Zinc、Yellow Zinc





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The recessed tie down anchor pan fitting is ideal to be used for cargo tie down in trailers, pickup truck, boat or dock when transport motorcycle, pallets, machine, all kinds of goods etc. Adds a dependable tie down anchor to heavy-duty cargo by strapping down the cargo with carriage bolts, preventing any unwanted damage by collision or falling down. It has good load capacity which is also ideal for daily life to keep the cargo sturdy or shaking.

Technical Feature

There are 4 square holes in each corner of the pan fitting (it’s also can be round hole). Just cutting a hole with saw or chisel in the floor of your vehicle, putting the recessed anchor into the hole on the floor, and bolt on the 4 square holes with carriage bolts. The D-ring lines flush inside the pan when it’s not in use, and is to be lifted upward when it is in use.

Recessed pan fitting tie down ring is a perfect choice when you don’t want to put the tie down anchor out of the floor, which it integrates the pan fitting as one with the floor of your vehicle. And the pan fitting is compatible with many application, such as S hook, J hook, cam straps, ratchet straps or clevis grab hook chains, etc.

The pan fitting is made of galvanized steel, with yellow or white zinc color on the surface, to protect from rust and corrosion, providing a long term use.

The pan fitting provides assembly break strength of 6000lbs, and working load limit of 2000lbs, which secure the cargo firmly in a long haul.

Parts Of Series

1.We can provide both round hole and square hole of pan fitting alone, and also can provide along with one back plate and 4 carriage bolts as a set, to which you prefer.
2.Welcome customization according to your drawing or sample.

Product Packaging

1.Packed in cartons, and shipped in pallets, also support to customer’s other requirements.
2.Gross weight of each carton is no more than 20kgs, providing friendly weight to workers for moving.
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